About the Cayman Islands

About the Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands is located 430 miles south of Miami, Fl in the USA and about 310 northwest of Jamaica.


The Cayman Islands comprises three Islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

These three islands cover approximately 102 sq miles.

Language and Ethnicity

English is predominantly spoken in the Islands but you will also find Spanish and other languages.

The overall makeup of the Island population is 40% mixed, 20% Black, 20% White and 20% Asian and other.


The Cayman Islands uses primarily the Cayman Dollar which is pegged to the US$ at 1.227 US$ to 1 KY$.

While the Cayman Dollar is the primary currency you will find many or even most stores accepting US$.


Seasonally the Cayman Islands experience little to no real temperate change. The Islands do experience wet and dry seasons with wet coming May to October and dry November to April.

The islands do from time to time have to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes. The season for these span June to November.


The Cayman Islands produces very little of its own. 

The Islands boast the highest standard of living in the Caribbean with the average income around KY$47,000.

The Cayman Islands is a tax free jurisdiction making its primary source of income from indirect taxation as there is no income tax, no capital gains tax or corporate tax.




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